Our Blogger Policies:

We are a couple married in Second Life as well as Real Life and have been for over 13 years. We feel that worker / client business should be a friendly partnership. As our client, we will do our very best to not only be professional and kind to your content, but give our absolute best to show that product off to our followers and yours in a light that depicts quality. We will be certain to give details about what is worn and where to buy it including names, links, landmarks to stores and so on. Our Flickr groups and followers grow every day and your products will be shown to as many people as possible there, not to mention our ever expanding blog, IMMORTAL. The IMMORTAL blog is about style in SL and the people who simply love it.

If you think our photos, style and vision fits you and your needs you can contact either Dominae Desmoulins or Gabriel Montagne inworld. If you send us products to review we will respectfully accept them, but please understand, it might not be used. If it just does not fit what we are about then how can we do our very best with it, because remember many in SL will see this visual review and make an opinion as to visit or purchase.

Any question or comments regarding anything expressed here are encouraged and please never hesitate to give one of us a message or notecard!

Dominae Desmoulins : Blog website creator and caretaker of both Immortal Flickr and The IMMORTAL Blog

Gabriel Montagne: Main photographer of both Immortal Flickr and The IMMORTAL Blog

Thank you so much for even considering us for your Second Life!

Domi and Gabe

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